Michel Reis Quartet “Capturing This Moment”


Michel Reis Quartet “Capturing This Moment”

Exactly two years after the debut of the Michel Reis Quartet at Double Moon Records (“Hidden Meaning”, DMCHR 71115), their next album is being released. It again follows a central theme, which is pivotal for Michel Reis; compositions with romantic, almost melancholic melodies permeate the album, which has been created as a “total art work”. Tailored to these and no other instruments or musicians, each piece is interpreted as a story in itself and for the recording as a whole. You can hardly ignore that the composition is the starting point and center as the focal point for all involved. Only then do the things that distinguish jazz and make it unique come into play: spontaneous, rich in ideas and even “transient” improvisation based on the given harmonies. Reis compares that with the work of a photographer; the later plans his shots with set objects at a certain place. However, a good photographer will take snapshots of situations spontaneously that are not planned, which he encounters on the way. Consequently, “Capturing This Moment” is a very appropriate title for this album. Michel Reis has again succeeded in creating an extremely convincing album with top-rate band members who interact fantastically.

The Luxembourger Michel Reis fi rst studied classical piano and then jazz piano in his native country before moving to Boston in the country of jazz’s origins. He was not only able to study under many known jazz musicians, but also to perform with them: from Dave Holland to Joe Lovano and Esperanza Spaulding. He lives in New York in the meantime, but still maintains contact with Europe, as this CD proves. He has also toured worldwide and undertook two very successful tours in Japan. He is also going to play at several festivals and numerous clubs in Europe in 2015. This “extraordinary pianist” (Down Beat) will certainly go his own way! Stefan Karl Schmid on saxophone and clarinet has understood the concept and internalized it. With his clear, succinct and sensitive sounds, he plays around the melodies, gives them structure and adorns them with feeling in improvisations. The woodwind player trained in the USA and Cologne (and half-Icelander) has matured into an established player despite his youth, which his comprehensive list of recordings proves. Can you imagine a drummer who fi ts as well into this ensemble as Jonas Burgwinkel? Not really. Extremely sensitive, technically brilliant, unbelievably imaginative: these characteristics distinguish him. Numerous prizes and distinctions have been rightfully awarded to him (Echo Jazz, WDR Jazzpreis, etc.) and make him one of the drummers most in demand. This is demonstrated by the more than 50 CDs, on which he contributed decisively.

He interacts outstandingly with the bassist, who is one of the most well-known musicians in Germany: Robert Landfermann. They form the rhythm group of the very successful Pablo Held Trios. His solid but repeatedly surprising bass lines also help shape this quartet. His technical skills seem unlimited, even if he need not prove that anymore. This is already the seventh album for Double Moon Records, on which he has played.

More info: www.doublemoon.de